Paper Fantasies Ltd is a 3D paper honeycomb decorations and promotions producer from Lithuania. It is located in Middle Europe, and the company has six agents in different countries with developed infrastructure. We have over 95 years of know-how of producing 3D honeycomb products with experienced designers, employees and constructors.


3D paper honeycomb decorations are used for marketing, promotions and decor. Honeycombs are unique 3 dimensional decoration products, and we believe that we are helping to create a little fantasy for your celebration, party or promotional campaign!


Since the company is based in Baltic region, we get our unique inspiration for 3D honeycomb decorations from nature. Beautiful Middle Europe landscapes encourage us to create eye-catching 3D honeycomb decorations that easily decompose!


Nowadays businesses need to implement creative promotional solutions to compete in the market successfully. We can offer you creative promotional and festival products, which are:

  • unique, high-quality and eye-catching;
  • environmentally-friendly: unlike other promotional and festival material, decorations are made from paper, so they easily decompose and do not causes damage to environment for decades;
  • just fantastic!


We are ready to help you to create an awesome party or promotional campaign!
Paper Fantasies